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CRI Supports the Polymers & Coatings Science program at.

The University of Auckland

CRI supports the Surface Coatings Association of New Zealand at


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Custom Formulation & Plant Design

Technology Solutions for the paint, resins, emulsions and adhesives industries

  • Off the shelf or customised formulations for solution resins, emulsions, coatings and adhesives

  • Plant design & improvements for high temperature resins & emulsions.

  • Process improvement & compliances

  • Fault analysis & investigation

  • Plant Commissioning & Staff training

        Operating in  Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Rim


Give us a call on +64 9 622 3860 or fax us on +64 9 634-6100

Email us on or Phil at


 Coatings & Resins International Ltd.

PO Box 13253 Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand

ph +64 9 622-3860    fax  +64 9 634-6100   email


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