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Coatings Formula Index

Index page to coatings starting point formulations


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Economical Timber Look Topcoat


A low cost formulation for factory matched  timber finish. Depending upon the emulsion used, this formula could be used as a self primer for timber but it is generally better to seal timber with an alkyd primer before applying a dark coloured acrylic topcoat such as this formulation.


Alkyd Enamel Suitable for Marine UseColours_1.jpg (12668 bytes)Colours_1.jpg (12668 bytes)

A formulation suitable for use in either the leisure marine or ship coatings markets. The use of fine extenders improves holdout for uneven or poorly prepared surfaces.


Colours_1.jpg (12668 bytes)Low Sheen Interior Paint Finish


An economical interior finish coat with a low sheen gloss and good mar resistance. Suitable for application by brush, roller or airless spray.

Colours_1.jpg (12668 bytes)Plasterboard Sealer Surfacer

A water based sanding sealer designed to give high topcoat holdout with low sheen topcoats on paper faced plasterboard.


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