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We have formulations for most types of industrial and decorative paints available.    We can formulate to your specific product requirements or to take advantage of the materials available in your local market.

Colour formulation for industrial use, shelf line colours or point of sale tinting are a specialty

If you have specialised coatings or adhesive  requirement give Phil a call on +64 9 622 3860  or email us on



Specialising in Formulations for :-


Paint Coatings

Decorative & Architectural Coatings

Textured Coatings

Roof Coatings

Specialty Finishes

Flushing Compounds & Plasters

Wood & Furniture Finishes

Colour Systems & Tint Bases

Colour Formulation

Refinish Coatings

Marine & Anti Fouling Coatings

Protective Coatings

Metal Decorating Coatings


PVA Emulsion Adhesives

2 Pack Timber Laminating Adhesives

API Adhesives

Floor Vinyl & Carpet Adhesives

Ceramic Tile Adhesives


Click here for coatings starting point formulations      Paint_Swirl.jpg (61505 bytes)

Coatings & Resins International Ltd.

PO Box 13253 Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand

ph +64 9 622-3860    fax  +64 9 634-6100   email