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Development Capability & laboratory Facilities



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Dr Sally Robbins uses the curtain booth to develop emulsions for printing ink vehicles 


Dr. George Qiao can be seen at the booth on the other side carrying out development of emulsion adhesives for the timber and floor industry. 



























Phil Coveny. Director of CRI,  with over 30 years experience in the resins, emulsions and coatings Industries



Laboratory Facilities

At Coatings & Resins International Ltd we have facilities for the development of most types of resins, emulsions, specialised coatings and adhesives.


In the photographs you can see part of the emulsions and resins curtain booth designed to allow the laboratory preparation of a range of sizes from 500ml, used for product development, to 20 litres used for making small trial samples.


We also have available a 2000 litre pilot reactor which can manufacture emulsion samples from 500 litres to 2000 litres. as well as production reactors capable of making up to 8 tonnes.


Most of the staff have spent the majority of the their working lives working in the development of emulsions and resins and in coatings. We have a wide range of capability from decorative and industrial coatings, unsaturated polyesters & gelcoats and in the resins to make these coatings.


More recently we have formulated emulsions for the ink industry, D3 emulsions for wood adhesives, emulsions for textile printing and textile bonding, carpet backing and emulsions for carpet adhesives and general floor adhesives. We have recently formulated a range of emulsions to be used as concrete additives and specialised sealers.


Much of the coatings formulation involves the use or specialised formulation of polymers to go with the coating we develop. Often it is possible to use a commercially available polymer but the development of a custom designed resin system can offer performance advantages over existing resin and emulsions.


In cases where we formulate special purpose polymers we are able to supply the emulsion from a close associate company or we can enter into an arrangement to license the technology to make the polymers as well.


Give us a call or email us with your requirements and we will give you a no obligations estimate. Our prices are competitive because we have low overheads and rely principally on our own wide scope of expertise.

Coatings & Resins International Ltd.

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