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Coatings and Resins International Ltd. Is a company dedicated to providing effective technical service to the coatings and resins industries in New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific Rim. The service includes formulation, plant upgrades, design and project management, laboratory and production systems, quality systems, compliance's to relevant legislation and technical service to problems and failures.


The company has four principals, each having over 20 years experience in the paint, adhesives and resins industries in product development, production & operations management and technical service. In addition we have a number of associates with particular skills in the coatings and resins industries that we can call on for specialised work.


The company will focus on :-


1. Coatings Formulation & Colour

Architectural & Decorative, Marine & Heavy Duty, Industrial coatings (coil, flat board and general industrial), gelcoats, Specialty Coatings, colour formulation & Colour systems.

2. Resins for coatings and adhesives

Alkyds, unsaturated and saturated polyesters, solution acrylics, amino & phenolic resins, special purpose resins and wood adhesives.

3. Emulsions for coatings, packaging and adhesives

Acrylics, vinyl based emulsions, styrene acrylics, specialty emulsions

  1. Plant Design & Construction

Solution resin, emulsion and paint manufacturing plants. Design and project management through our associate services.

5. Production Management Systems

Manufacturing organisation, labour management, documentation, inventory Control and production control.

6. Compliances

Compliance assistance to New Zealand legislation in Health & Safety, Air & Noise emissions, discharges to waste & run off, registration to Hazardous Substances and Noxious Organisms Act.

7. Failure Analysis

Paint failure and problem analysis, technical support and technical service.

  1. Quality Assurance

Laboratory systems and staff training. Registration, auditing and conformance to ISO 9000 and to The New Zealand Code of Laboratory Management Practice (equivalent to ISO 25).


The company principals include:-


Mr. Phil Coveny.

With over 30 years in the resins and surface coating industries Phil has worked for ICI Paints, A.C. Hatrick and Nuplex Industries where he has held positions as Production Manager, Technical Manager and Operations Manager.


Mr. Clive Bolt

Clive has worked in the coatings, resins and Ink industries for almost 30 years. He has held positions as Production Manager, Quality Manager and Technical Manager for Resins and for general coatings.


Home Page    Plant Design    Resins & Emulsions    Coatings Technology    Contact us

Coatings & Resins International Ltd.

PO Box 13253 Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand

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