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Resins & Emulsions Formula Index

Index page to resin & emulsion starting point formulations


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Long Oil Alkyd Resin


A basic laboratory formula suitable for decorative or marine use. Needs to be adjusted to suit your plant and your required specifications


Solution Acrylic Resin


Suitable for 2 pack marine enamel or 2K automotive refinish. May Need to be adjusted depending upon the intended end use and conditions of service.


Vinyl Acrylic Emulsions


A general purpose interior coatings emulsion.

100% Acrylic Emulsion


A basic adhesion promoted  acrylic emulsion suitable for exterior topcoats and roof coatings. Suitable for use in coatings for cement based plasters.

Styrene Acrylic Emulsion


A general purpose coatings grade styrene acrylic emulsion suitable for metal primers, undercoats and sealers and for membrane coatings in conjunction with a softer resin

Soft  Acrylic Emulsion


A soft acrylic suitable as a binder for solid colour timber coatings, water proofing membranes and adhesive applications


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