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Emulsion Processing & Plant Design Features


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Emulsion Processing


High productivity production of emulsions requires that all additions to the batch are prepared in advance to avoid delays. This includes the preloading and pre heating of the water phase, the preparation of the monomers or the monomer pre emulsion and the initiators into separate vessels ready to be pumped to the reaction vessels when they are required. Pumping systems need to be designed to move materials rapidly and without contamination.


We have had extensive experience in the design of high productivity emulsion plant and over the years we have developed layouts and design features to enable efficient, safe processing and good ergonomics to ensure that staff are able to manage the plant without undue difficulty and free from potential hazards likely to cause injury. Reactor access and access to mixing tank hatches and vessels is convenient and uncluttered.


We have developed layout schemes to avoid potential contamination or wrong additions resulting from pumping errors. The lockout and alarm systems we use are designed to ensure that potentially dangerous situations are avoided.


The plant shown in the photographs is a small emulsion plant we have recently completed which is designed for general purpose emulsion manufacture, including PVA homo polymers, acrylic and styrene acrylic emulsions for the paint and adhesive industries. The vessels are vented to a liquid seal and then, along with the main reaction vessel are connected to a receiving vessel fitted with a scrubber which is able to contain the kettle contents in the event of excessive over pressurisation.


Plants of this type are typical of what can be done on a limited budget without sacrificing productivity or product quality and reproducibility. The design features shown here can be scaled to any size of plant with multiple reactors and any complexity of automated control and materials handling.


The control system is designed to be computer capable although it is currently manually controlled.


The effluent and liquid waste management system is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the New Zealand Resource Management Act and the local body discharge requirements. Effluent and vapour management systems can be designed to meet the compliance requirements of most countries.


We at Coatings and Resins International specialise in plants designed for small and intermediate production volumes, particularly suitable for developing countries where multi purpose and economical facilities are required. We are able to examine existing plant or formulations and recommend improvements for processing and compliances. We can design plant to any level of complexity or control requirement depending upon the labour force.


We are able to provide operator and supervisor training where required to suit productivity improvements or the commissioning of new plant and we will supervise plant commissioning if required.


Give Phil a call or email us to discuss your requirements.



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