Long Oil Alkyd Resin

65% oil length at 65% NVM

These formulations are intended as starting points only. No guarantee of performance is given or implied. All resin formulations must be thoroughly tested and evaluated before attempting production and commercial use.

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A basic long oil soya alkyd suitable for decorative or marine use use.  The formula is sized to make in a 4 litre round bottom  reaction flask .


Processing is by solvent reflux to achieve fast processing times. It is essential to measure the  test sample solids at regular intervals


The formula may need to be adjusted to suit your  resin kettle and the final body/solids required.


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Soya Oil




Heat to 80C

lithium Ricinoleate paste


Add slowly

Heat to 245C until mono

clearance 6:1 in ethanol

Phthalic Anhrdride

Maleic Anhydride



Cool to 190C and add

Fit water separator

Heat to 245C over 2 hrs collecting water



Once water reflux susides add as required to maintain steady reflux. Remove water as required.

Process to AN<8 body Z3 at 65% NVM in W/S

White Spirits


Stop & thin

Filter while hot

Adjust visco & solids

Z3 - Z4  @ 65%NVM